About Us

We are a small local company of nerds and otaku's from the UK who love everything from Lord of the Rings and Star Trek to One Punch and My Hero Academia! With a love and passion for running dungeons with our friends and enjoying the colourful flavours of japan in all their mediums from food to anime. We aim to provide and share the love and enjoyment of everything dungeons and dragons and anime! With plans to open a few stores in England in the future! For now we remain as a small online store, providing you with the best and most interesting dice, accessories and tools for you to improve your campaigns and tales!


We love and value all our customers and love seeing the enjoyment we bring you so if you are looking for something specific or want to expand your knowledge then you can always subscribe to our newsletter or email us at themoltenforgestore@gmail.com to see what new products we have instore for you!


Where can you find us? Our online store's warehouse is located on Diamond Ridge in Camberley, United Kindom. All our stock comes direct from our warehouse so we can check the quality of our products before they leave our store!