Card Guardian Deck Box

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Looking for a nice and small container to store your cards and dice? well then this Card Guardian Deck Box is for you! Made from innovative premium anti-slip and anti-scratch material, designed with the collector in mind to ensure that the deck box stays in great condition!


Optimized for Sleeved Cards!

This Deck Box can hold up to 100 sleeved cards!


Removable Storage Trays!

The removable trays for the cards and dice or accessories allow you to access your cards and accessories independently of each other!


Premium Material!

Only the best material has been used to create this deck box along with a soft premium microfibre lining on the inside and 4 strong magnets to ensure that the box stays closed when you need it to!


Deck Box Dimensions:

142mm Height

90mm Width

100mm Depth


Tray Dimensions:

60mm / 29mm Height

80mm Width

78mm Depth


Please note: Deliveries can take up to 5 working days.