Bandai Longtail's Dice Bag

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After Bandai Longtail, the all seeing dragon fell at the battle of Khago his cardinal amethyst and dark emerald eyes were incorporated into these powerful and luxurious bags of holding. Some say his amethyst eye could see the possible future and his emerald eye could enchant and bewitch the most powerful of mages.


Perfect for your game dice or accessories!

Bandi Longtail's Dice bag is made out of soft faux leather and printed with dragon skin grain to give an authentic and shiny looking dragon skin bag, perfect for loot for your party or an item a character picked up in a previous adventure. Its durable nylon rope combined with an adjustable button snap helps securely keep your dice or other accessories safe.

Bandai Longtail's Dice Bag Dimensions:

Height: 16cm (6.49in) (open)

Height: 14cm (5.7in) (closed)

Length: 10cm (4.17in) (open)

Length: 10cm (4.17in) (closed)

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