Multifunction Wooden Dice Case & Dice Tray

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Are you fed up of having your dice roll off the table and having to re-roll what could had been a critical hit? Scared your going to lose your dice when carrying them away from the adventure? We have a solution for you with our Multifunction Wooden Dice Case & Dice Tray!


Hold Up To 6 Dice Sets!

This dice tray can accommodate at least 6 dice sets for those who cant decide on just one style or who bring extra for friends!


Extra Storage Accommodation!

Extra holders for holding your pens, magic cards and even your phone!


Roll Easily With The Dice Tray!

The dice tray is made from soft fabric helping your dice to roll better!


Strong & Secure!

This tray is made from eco-friendly wood and securely held together by 4 strong magnets ensuring you never lose a set of dice!


Box Dimensions:

48mm Height

72mm Width

31mm Depth (Closed)

12mm Depth (Open Holder)

19mm Depth (Open Tray)


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